The BPAT assessment questionnaires provide a simple but comprehensive analytical approach to determine the needs of breeding institutions:-

  • The PRE-visit questionnaires are aimed to be completed by the breeding institutions PRIOR to the consultant visit
  • The ON-SITE questionnaire is conducted by the visiting consultant
  • From these collected questionnaires, the BPAT team issues their recommendations in a final report.

Pre-visit questionnaire

The pre-visit questionnaires will help prepare the assessment team for the visit to the institution.

There are two different questionnaires: one for breeding programs and one for the institution.

The institution questionnaire is to be completed by management (e.g., Director Research or Head of Breeding Division) and potentially 1-2 other individuals for further perspective. It includes questions on infrastructure, breeding support systems, pre-breeding research, strategic planning and management, budget management and performance management.

The breeding program questionnaire is to be completed by each breeder for their respective programs. It includes questions about the program personnel, finance, program design, technology use, testing program, product release, seed production and program impact.

BPAT questionnaires and reports

The assessors will use two main tools to complete the assessment process.

The first is the pre-visit questionnaire to be completed by the breeders and other institutional staff prior to the assessment visit.

The second is the assessment matrix, which is intended as both a guide for in-person interviews and as a scorecard to be completed by the assessment team.

The information obtained in the pre-visit questionnaire and during the assessment team visit will be used to score the institution on each question in the assessment matrix.

There is a field in the assessment matrix that provides clarifying “Notes to the Assessor” to help the assessors score the institution.

The assessors will also use the information to prepare a visit summary memorandum for the reviewed institution.>

Download questionnaires

These two questionnaires can be downloaded from the BPAT Project > Tools page.
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