A typical assessment team will consist of consultants (assessors), whose combined skill sets provide the ability to evaluate technical aspects of the breeding program, evaluate enablers across the institution, coordinate a well-run process, and provide meaningful feedback to the institution being assessed as well as the donors/sponsors of BPAT. 

The assessors will review the returned pre-visit questionnaires and use the information to highlight specific questions, concerns, or areas that especially need attention to understand during the visit, and to help them complete the assessment matrix (on-site questionnaire).

During the on-site visit, the assessment team will:-

  • hold a group session at the beginning of the visit
  • hold individual interviews
  • tour the institution's fields and facilities including crossing operations, selection nurseries, yield trials, seed production facilities including screenhouses, glasshouses, screening programs, seed storage, quality testing and biotechnology laboratories
  • hold a group session at the end of the visit
The on-site questionnaire can be downloaded from the BPAT Project > Tools page.
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Assessment team on-site visit