You need to be a registered user of this site to download the BPAT tools.

Go to the LOGIN/REGISTER link to create an account first.

downloadtoolsbtnAfter you register, LOGIN to the site and go back to the DOWNLOAD link on the menu.

loginform_emptyAfter registering on the website, login by entering your username and password.





Then click on UPDATE PROFILE to update your profile with more information.

logoutbuttonGo to the PROFILE tab on the main menu, and click LOGOUT

Register on BPAT site

Step 1

plantbreedingassessment.org homepage

To Register on this website, click on the LOGIN/REGISTER link on the main menu

Step 2

On the LOGIN form, locate and CLICK on the REGISTER button

Step 3

On the Registration page, enter the information required.

1- Username

2- Email (please make sure you use a valid email address as this will be used to send you password details)

3- Choose a strong password

4- Click on REGISTER

Step 4



After registration is complete, user needs to LOGIN for the first time

Assessor Registration

If you have been identified as a potential BPAT assessor, you will need to complete these steps:

  1. Register on the website
  2. Notify the BPAT team that you have registered so you can be given additional site privileges






Once you have been given “Assessor” status, log in on the website again.

Click on your username on the menu, and select “ASSESSOR REGISTRATION”



On the Assessor Registration Acceptance page, please make sure you  read carefully the terms and conditions.

Then click on the ACCEPT button to proceed. (or the CANCEL button to quit this operation)





On the next page, click on ONLINE REGISTRATION






Assessor Registration Step 3

Enter your name and details as requested , then click NEXT






Enter employment and experience details, and click NEXT

*NOTE field with and asterisk (*) are required and cannot be left blank








On the last page, when all information has been entered, click on CHOOSE FILE to upload your CV.


Then select SUBMIT






A next page will confirm whether the registration has been successful.