The BPAT assessment team consists of a senior plant breeder with experience in a successful private and/or public sector program, paired with a management consultant.  The intent is that the combined skill sets of team members provide the ability to evaluate technical aspects of the breeding program, evaluate enablers across the institution, coordinate a well-run process, and provide meaningful feedback to the institution being assessed as well as the donors/sponsors of BPAT. The management consultant is the coordinator of the visit in terms of managing the process, logistics, and deliverables.

Responsibilities of prospective assessors

Under the broad direction of the BPAT leader, the assessor/sub-contractor will be expected to carry out the tasks included but not limited to the following:

  • Review and provide feedback on pre-visit data in relation to the country, Institution and Breeding Program being assessed before the on-site assessment or in any case within 7 days after provision of the pre-visit data by the BPAT leader;
  • Attendance at the country being assessed (or as otherwise agreed to between the parties);
  • Attend, contribute and participate in all on-site assessments, meetings and site visits deemed necessary and reasonable by the BPAT leader (or as otherwise agreed between the parties);
  • Contribute and collaborate in the preparation, draft and submission of a final report within 30 days after completion of the on-site assessment;
  • Attend to and participate in all email communications, participate in teleconference or Skype call during the assessment period;
  • Collect and provide relevant data to the BPAT leader (including photographs, files or documentation collected as a result of the on-site assessment) for the purposes of the Project;  
  • Comply with all duties, requirements and directions reasonably required by the BPAT leader;  
  • Keep all information obtained as a result of this agreement confidential;
  • Obtain at the sub-contractor’s cost, all vaccinations and ill-health prevention as required by the country being assessed;
  • Attend to and dedicate all reasonably required time and resources to this Project ; and
  • Attend to all duties under this agreement or as reasonably required by the BPAT leader with due care and diligence.

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